How Sharon Can Save $100,000 in Taxes!

Do you know how Social Security benefits are taxed? State income taxes? How Medicare premiums are calculated? Ever heard of NIIT? What your RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) will do to your tax bracket? How about other lump sum distributions? What kind of taxes will your surviving spouse pay? How about the taxes you pass on to your kids?

All of the above will be affected by distributions from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. In this book I’ll share with you example after example of how your tax-deferred accounts can greatly increase your overall taxes and even Medicare premiums. The numbers, once they’re laid out for you to see, simply cannot be refuted.

In this book, you will see how the Roth is the most powerful financial planning tool ever created to increase your family’s wealth. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the significant benefits of the Roth. They see it only as a pay-tax-now vs. pay-tax-later option. The typical analysis as to whether or not one should do a Roth goes something like this:

“I expect my tax bracket to be lower in the future, so it doesn’t make sense to do the Roth. Why pay a higher tax rate today to avoid paying tax at a lower rate tomorrow?”

Makes sense, right?


I’ve seen what happens to clients when IRA distributions account for a larger portion of their income in retirement. Taxes grow and Medicare premiums increase, leaving retirees with less net income even though they have more gross income! Widows, in particular, can find themselves in a very bad financial position with limited options. The Roth, when understood and used correctly, can eliminate much of these higher taxes and premium increases.

Now, in fairness, I’ll share four reasons how the Roth can’t help you any more than a tax-deferred account can. Not that these four reasons should dissuade you from going full-throttle with the Roth. But I feel it’s important to show how the Roth can improve one’s financial life and how it can not.

My hope is that after you read this you’ll have a much deeper appreciation of the how Roth IRA can enhance your family’s wealth–tax-free–for generations. And that you will take advantage of it.

What if we can save Sharon $100k in taxes over the course of her life without sacrificing her lifestyle. Would that be something of interest to her?

Of course!

So, how do we do this? Simply suspend Social Security until 70 and then start moving money to Roth IRAs. It’s a wonderful strategy.

I show you exactly what it looks like here.


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