How Retirement Taxes Increase 500% on Surviving Spouse

Retirement taxes on surviving spouses is the main reason I started doing Youtube videos and even wriiting my books.

It’s an insane portion of the tax code that no one seems to focus on.

Everyone just looks at taxes today vs. taxes in the future as if we lived in a vacuum and nothing changes. Yet, things do change!

For instance, you or your spouse will die. I hate to tell you that, but it’s going to happen. And when it does, guess who the biggest beneficiary will be??? The Federal Treasury. Because more and more of your wealth will go to them, even while less goes to your surviving spouse!

Think I’m joking? Watch as in this episode I go beyond my spreadsheets and break out the financial planning software I love, Right Capital. Here I’m using my man, Dustin TIbbits version of it, Nest Egg which he had designed for his firm, Jazz Wealth.

But watch as I walk you through the various tax forms, the schedules, the liability you’ll leave your surviving spouse if you don’t take action.

This is just the beginning too, by the way. In upcoming episodes, I’m going to dive way deeper into this software and show you how to use the tax code to benefit YOUR family and not the Treasury.
So stay tuned!

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