Podcast Episode 34 – Advice From C.S. Lewis About Aging (The Screwtape Letters)

In this podcast I read the epilogue of CS Lewis’ classic ‘The Screwtape Letters”.

The chapter is titled “Screwtape Proposes a Toast”.

Such a tribute to the need for individualism. Satan HATES individualism. He HATES you being your own person.

Why? Because God LOVES you for who YOU are. Not because you’re part of some group. But for YOU. You,who were made in His image. You, who He wants to have a personal relationship with. You, who He sent His Son to be tortured and die on the cross to free you from sin.

He, God, didn’t do that for the group! He did it for YOU!

Thus, Groupthink and all its iterations…Communism, Fascism, Racism all the vast assortment of horrifc “isms” violate what God wants for you. To love and be loved. On a personal level. Satan HATES love. Thus, inherently, Satan wants you to succumb to groupthink. To forsake your individuality. To throw yourself in with YOUR group, which typically means being against THAT group.

Groupthink is made to order to Satan and his minions to promote hate, intolerance, chaos. Avoid it. Stay true to yourself and your relationship with God.

And always remember, Satan lies. He is deceitful. He promises you but will not deliver. Satan indeed is evil. But most off, he’s a liar. He will trick you to follow him. Be, forever on guard.

“The Screwtape Letters” will help you. Trust me.

I try to read The Screwtape Letters once a year or so because it is just so profound. And enlightening. Can not recommend it enough.

Get your copy.

In this episode, I take a deeper dive into yesterday’s discussion about aging and the affect it can have on the mind and body.

In the classic book, “The Screwtape Letters”, C.S. Lewis is a literal devil’s advocate.

He writes about a mentor devil named Screwtape who is training a unger devil, Wormwood, on the way to steal souls from God and bring them to Hell.

It’s a classic, fascinating book. Lewis says it was his hardest book to write because he had to think like the Devil and it dirtied him.

I read verbatim Chapter 28 in which Screwtape is telling his mentee, Wormwood, to protect his target, a man whose soul he is trying to steal, at all costs from a sudden death.

It is much easier to steal a soul when man is faced with a long, monotonous life. Either adversity or prosperity offers hope, for the Devil that is, in moving the target away from God and closer to Satan. Prosperity, in fact, is superior for the tempter of Hell because…

Prosperity knits a man to the World. He feels that he is ‘finding his place in it’, while really it is finding its place in him.
So inveterate is their appetite for Heave that our best method of attaching them to earth is to make them believe that earth can be turned into Heaven at some future date by politics or eugenics or ‘science’ or psychology, or what not.

We close with the most glorious song “One Thing Remains” by Kristian Stanfill.


Hope you like this episode.

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