The IRS Doesn’t Want You To Read This Book – Here’s Why

You know the story of Willie Sutton, right? When the notorious  robber was asked why he robbed banks he purportedly replied “because that’s where the money is.”

If you are the IRS and your task is to raise revenue for the government what do you do? You go where the money is. In the United States today there is $28 trillion, yes with a T, held in retirement accounts. 

Retirement Assets Total $28.0 Trillion
in First Quarter 2018

From a tax-collection perspective it’s a wonderful number to behold.  All those assets, hopefully growing each year, just waiting to be taxed.

In fact, as you can clearly see below, hundreds of billions of dollars in distributions are already made each and every year, nearly ALL of it taxable.


But here’s the problem for YOU, the individual account holder.

You pay MUCH more than just income taxes on your IRA distributions. IRA distributions increase your:

* Income taxes
* Social Security taxes
* Medicare Premiums
* Dividends and Capital Gains taxes

But wait there’s more!

At your death your surviving spouse will pay more in taxes even though he/she will have less income. How?

* LOSE a standard deduction which increases taxable income for single taxpayers
* HIGHER tax brackets for single taxpayers
* LARGER Medicare premium increases for single taxpayers
* MORE Social Security benefits subject to tax for single taxpayers
* INCREASED taxation on dividends and capital gains for single taxpayers

But wait there’s even more!

When your heirs inherit your accounts they will be taxed at ordinary income rates, which is the highest tax one pays. 

If they are working, making a decent income, they are probably in a higher tax bracket than you were when you were retired. Which means they could pay taxes as high as 35% on every dollar you leave them.  And that’s before even state taxes are considered!

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In the book I’m going to share with you real world examples of the many different ways you’ll pay tax on your retirement accounts if you do not take action. 

I will show you how:

* IRA distributions force you to pay 35% or more on your income even though you are only in a 22% bracket – page 23

* IRA distributions can double, triple, even quadruple, your Medicare Premiums – page 31

* Every $1 of IRA distributions may cause your taxable income to go up by $1.85 – page 16

* IRA distributions cause dividends and capital gains that were tax-free to be taxed – page 42

* IRA distributions causes Social Security income that was tax free to be taxed – page 35

* You will pay a 50% tax increase on your IRA distributions even when you’re in the 12% tax bracket – page 9

And so much more.

What is the answer to all this craziness you ask? Well here it is.  You don’t even have to read the book as I reveal it to you here:


I can hear you now, “The Roth? That’s the solution? Why pay tax today when I can defer the tax until later? I don’t see how that’s a solution!”

Don’t worry, my friend. I lay it all out for you in the book. 16 chapters and 30 tables of reasoned argument why the Roth should be used. 

I even give you 4 reasons how the Roth cannot help too. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a Roth-at-all-costs person.

When the evidence is laid out, piece by piece, you will see the incredible value of the Roth, not only for you, but for your surviving spouse and your heirs. 

In fact the Tax Foundation states:
The government…would be losing money if it taxed retirement accounts before they could mature in the private market. Traditional retirement plans avoid this by simply taxing earnings upon withdrawal, and thus could potentially capture much more future tax revenue than Roth plans.

Now you see why the IRS doesn’t want you to read this? They don’t want to lose future revenue!

The Roth IRA is the simplest, most cost-effective way to build tax free wealth, for generations. 

Unfortunately, most people look at the Roth solely as a pay tax now vs. pay tax later concept as can be seen below.


What gets overlooked with the above is that the $3,869.68 is included in your GROSS INCOME which is what determines: 

* Medicare premium increases
* Taxation of Social Security benefits
* Tax brackets
* Taxable income
* Taxation of dividends/capital gains

ALL taxes and premiums are based on that one number, line 37 of your 1040. The higher the number there, the more you pay. It is that simple. 

In fact, when it comes to your Medicare premiums and taxes on Social Security you add any tax-exempt interest to the number from line 37.  Yes, TAX-EXEMPT INTEREST is included in determining your taxes on Social Security and Medicare premiums!  

Did you know that?

The Roth avoids ALL of this!

I show you how in this book.  So, download it now… for FREE! 

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Do it now and start to deal with the IRS on YOUR terms, not theirs.

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