Up Your Financial Game With These Books

These books made me the financial planner I am today…

Watch this video I did earlier where I tell you my story of some of the financial planning books which made me as a financial planner.   Without these books, and thus the confidence that came from the reading AND understanding, I would not be here today.

Giving advice takes confidence.  Which is one of the frustrating things I have about the “advice” industry.  It seems very few “advisors” actually provide advice.   It’s more…”you could do this…you could do that.”
When it comes to investments, I kind of understand that, as the regulatory bodies would be on you like white on rice if just one person were to hear when you said DON’T BUY STOCKS as BUY STOCKS.

I can see it now… in a hearing with the regulators…

“Mr. Scandlen.  Did you actually say to your Youtube audience to ‘buy stocks’?

“No. I said “don’t buy stocks.”

“So you DID say “buy stocks” then.”

“No. I said “DON’T buy stocks”.”

“Mr. Scandlen.  You’re under oath.  Can you say “Don’t Buy Stocks” without actually saying “buy stocks”?


“Well, you actually DID say “buy stocks” when you said “don’t buy stocks” did you not?”

Me.  “You’re joking right?”

“No. We don’t joke here.”

Judge: “Court finds in favor of the prosecution! Mr. Scandlen needs to pay for the pain and suffering of the person who watched his Youtube video for losing money in the stock market due to his saying to ‘buy stocks.”

You think something like that can’t happen?  Oh, my naive friends, how little you know about our industry.  Just go here, to the SEC Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website and look at the disclosure I have. Having a disclosure is the near equivalent of having the FBI prosecute you.  No matter your innocence or guilt, you’re guilty.

If you read my disclosure you will see why I hold the industry and its regulatory bodies in such contempt.  I could not get a job in the industry once this disclosure came on my record.
(That’s actually not true. I’m sure I could have got a job at some sketchy firm but I’d have to dance as soft-footed as a a ballerina.  And, frankly, that’s not my style which is why I could have never made it in sniper school. I’m loud and not very agile, believe it or not.)

Anyway, back to advice.  Because so many advisors are trained on investments and investments only, they have nothing to offer as far as real, actionable advice.  They can’t give specifics on investments without the regulators coming down on them and they simply don’t know much about other areas of financial planning to offer anything of value.

“Do you have ANY thoughts on Roth conversions before I take Social Security?”

“We aren’t tax advisors…see your tax guy.”   Wow. Thanks buddy…

But once you get your nose in a book or 10, you begin to see that you do have something to offer.  You begin to see commonalities of mistakes people make, time and again.  And thus you begin to see YOU have ideas to help them stop making those daggum mistakes!  Don’t follow the orthodox because the orthodox is wrong…a lot!

Modern Portfolio Theory?  BWHAHAHAHA.  Just because everyone has fallen for that hook, line and sinker doesn’t mean YOU should!

But how would you know this stuff?

And thus we go back to upping your game of financial knowledge.  Now be advised if you buy any of these books I, yes your ole buddy Josh, get a 10% commission.  I want to be very clear here. DO NOT BUY THESE IF YOU THINK I AM ONLY TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING!!!  I literally could care less.

But if I can get paid to introduce you to something that has benefited me for almost 25 years, why the heck would I not do that?

So, for those who don’t click on the video I will link to the various books you should consider down below.
I can not speak to your happiness, your satisfaction, or your ability to understand the info if you make any purchase here.  But, for me, these  books and many others like them, were life changing.



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