What a Great Decade It Was

Are You Better Off Now Than 10 Years Ago?

Yes, that sounds like a political campaign, but truly it’s not.  Think about it. Where were you 10 years ago and where are you today in terms of your overall well-being?  Obviously, one might say this is a biased question because 10 years ago we were just coming out of the the worst recession since the 1930s so we’re starting at a very low point.

I grant that. But even so, are you better off now than then?

And then think even deeper.  Look around you. What tools are at your disposal now that were not available in 2010?

Did you have WIFI then? We didn’t.

We had our desktop computer parked in Charlotte and my walk-in closet in our bedroom.  It was literally my office/our computer room/our closet.  In fact, I remember like it was yesterday calling my brother who lived in Arlington, VA. He was sitting in his backyard watching his kids play.  He looked up something online while we were talking..WHILE SITTING IN HIS BACKYARD WATCHING THE KIDS PLAY!

I said, “whoa, how did you do that?”  And he said they had this thing called WIFI now and proceeded to tell me what it was.  I was stunned. Still am. It wasn’t until we lived in New Jersey in 2012 that I first remember sitting on the couch in the living room with my laptop.

Fast forward and right now, I am sitting on my couch in Georgia, dog on my lap, typing these very words.  10 years ago, that wouldn’t happen. Not a big deal, some might say.  Really?

Just last night we were all sitting in the living room together; Some were on their phones, some were on the laptop, some were reading books and some were watching TV.  10 years ago this would not have happened.  And yet, while our attention was on other things, we were all in the living room, as a family, and we all looked up from whatever we were doing to laugh when Pablo got the Zoomies and ran like a madman around the room.

Is that Normal Rockwell family togetherness? Of course not because times have changed.  But I wouldn’t change that moment for any of those similar moments in previous decades.

Life is good, my friends. I won’t go into the litany of the reasons to be happy and thus grateful. For a wonderful visual of just how incredible this past decade was read this article from Matt Ridley. I’ll simply point out two things that should bring joy…

“Deaths from pollution down 19%” world wide.  (Thanks natural gas, and other fossil fuels.)
“Weather-related deaths down 95% since 1960’s.” (Thanks human ingenuity!).

To see one’s life improve so drastically in the 10 years and then to also see the incredible progress of humanity is to live in reality. Human beings are better off today than we’ve ever been. Ironically, our world is drastically getting better too.

Not to see, and thus acknowledge this, is to be living in a self-imposed doom-state.  Why do that to yourself? I actually know why.  Because you consume too much media.  And they prey on your fear.  “If it bleeds it leads.”

Maybe for your New Years resolution you should break the media addiction.  Turn it off!  They are deliberately hurting you and even worse you’re letting them.  Stop it.  Trust me, you won’t miss them when they’re gone.  Be like the kids from the SImpson’s when they finally turn off the stupid box to go outside.

It’s a wonderful world out there my friends.  No one has had it better in the history of humanity.  Always be grateful and enjoy!

Here’s to a great 2020!

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