What is SubscribeStar?

In my last email, I mentioned the steep discount my Subscribestar members will be getting in my course and I received a bunch of emails asking, “What is Subscribestar?”   


So let me answer that here. (I also did a video about this which you can find here.)


There are people out there, creating things you appreciate and you want to support.  For instance, a couple years ago, I came across a young Hawaiin kid showing you how to create bows and arrows out of PVC pipe. It was fascinating and I wanted to support what he was doing.  So I bought his book.


But there are other ways to support people too. And being a patron, through a platform like Patreon, is one of those. It’s a way lower and middle income folks, and wealthy people too don’t get me wrong, can be patrons for those they want to support. 


But Patreon went the way of Social Justice and banned people whose ideas scared them.  Because what we’ve learned in human history is that the best way to counter scary ideas is to banish those ideas, not to shine the light of reason on them.. (I’m being COMPLETELY sarcastic here, of course. Banning ideas never works. It just means that idea has more an opportunity to fester under the cover of darkness, allowing people who do their best work in the dark to appeal to those frustrated and depressed.  The idea then proceeds to grow, ever so slowly, unchallenged, until BOOM, mainstream here we come!) 


So along came Subscribestar offering their platform for creators and donors alike without deciding who or what is considered unworthy of support.  Freedom-minded people moved from Patreon to Subscribestar and their patrons followed. 


Now, initially, I didn’t consider doing a Subscribestar account, as I hate all the various fundraising some of the Youtube creators do.  “Buy my T-shirts, Buy my course, support me on Patreon, etc.” Seems cheesy to me. One should let the product speak for itself. But then again, I HATE asking people for stuff. Always have, always will. I HATE it.  It’s not a good character trait to have, my friends, being too proud to ask for help. 


Unfortunately, there are two things ingrained in my psyche. I absolutely, unequivocally detest being told what to do. And I absolutely, unequivocally, detest asking for help. I wish it weren’t so. But there you go.


Anyway, a number of people said they so much appreciated my work that they wanted to support me on a monthly basis.  (Even writing these words pains me and make me feel like a cliche.) So, I finally said, “Ok then, we’ll see if people actually follow through” and I opened a Subscribestar page where people can support me for an ongoing donation of $10 a month. 


Since my last email, the one mentioning my new course, the number of my Subscribestar patrons had doubled. This happened probably because it’s the first time many have ever heard of my Subscribestar page and no one knew they could support me that way. Others may have just jumped on Subscribestar to get my course at an 80% discount and may drop off later.  That seems like a hassle to me, but whatever works. 


However, it appears there is a desire among some folks, maybe you, to support the work I’m doing. As such, going forward, I will focus more on that audience with more exclusive ‘perks”, if you will. What that will be I’ve really no clue. But certainly more content that only my Subscribestar supporters can have access to.


As it stands today, my faithful Subscribestar patrons have been able to receive ALL of my audiobooks free of charge. They also received an 80% discount off my course too. And the same will happen with the next course I create which will be all about Roth conversions. 


Now, I also support the work of some creators via  Subscribestar. It actually makes ME feel good to support these people because I like the work they’re doing and want them to keep it up.  They need not provide anything to me for me to continue my support. They just need to continue to be honest and independent. Being independent is most important for me as there is this crushing of wrong-think today, throughout society. It’s starting to get a bit frightening actually. 


Watch my man, Dave Cullen, talk about the Hate Crimes legislation in his native Ireland. Or what’s going on in the UK.  This is bad. Yet, the media won’t touch these topics. And without people out there paying attention and shining the light on this insanity, next thing you know you are being fined for telling a joke. 


This is scary stuff. And you know the totalitarians in the US are biding their time, just waiting for the most opportune time to strike, all under the guise of “for the children.” Or, “not too offend”.   Shoot, they have already struck on multiple occasions; Kevin Hart being banned from whatever award show he was going to host was just the most glaring example. But how many small-fry people are there in the US today who’ve been put out to pasture for engaging in unapproved language?  I’m sure that list is legion.


Now, I don’t engage in too much political stuff on my Youtube channel.  But I do some. I challenge the orthodoxy of the Anti-CO2 crowd and their silliness. I’m an unabashed lover of Jesus and a despiser of socialism, in all its forms. I also think you know where I stand with the current occupant of the White House. 


But, by and large, with over 2000 videos, the vast majority are solely on financial planning related topics. Yet, even there, controversy can ensue.  As we have our own orthodoxy to challenge in my chosen profession, i.e., the “retirement crisis” with all the academic heft that is involved in promoting that myth. 


As Bill Buckley did with National Review in the 1950s, standing athwart history yelling STOP at encroaching socialism, I have felt the need to do the same regarding retirement crisis despair.  It’s all fake. 


Yet here we are.  The vast majority of Americans believe in a retirement crisis even while the vast majority of actual retired Americans are doing just fine.  In reality, these two things are mutually exclusive. Yet the perceptions exist.  How can this be?


Because of the academic shenanigans and their mouthpiece in the financial news media all peddling doom and gloom in order to get funding and sell copy. 


Of course, the financial industry is all too eager to abide.  The “Retirement Crisis” myth creates more assets to charge exorbitant fees and to sell high cost insurance-type products for people to “protect” themselves from market volatility. 


It’s all a scam.  Eisenhower warned us. But as that famous geologist, Randy Marsh, said, “We didn’t listen!”


So, I do what I can to warn people about the doom and gloom types. And also to educate people on their own ability to be financially prepared to live life on THEIR terms, not the terms of some corporate lackey.


If you want to support me, financially, via Subscribestar, I’m grateful for that.  But remember, simply watching my videos, telling friends, purchasing my books, the course, forwarding these emails, etc. support me too. And I’m just as grateful for that. 

So here is my Subscribestar page for those interested in supporting me at $10 a month. You can cancel anytime you want. Absolutely no strings attached.

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