Why I Will Keep USAA Insurance Forever!

Just a normal day in the Scandlen household. Cleaning up after kids in the basement when I come across a big puddle of water on the floor. “What the heck,” I ask myself. “If they spill water, they could at least CLEAN IT UP!”

So, I’m getting ready to let loose with a torrent of “when I was your age, my mom would ground me for weeks for leaving a mess like this” or something along those lines. When suddenly, a drop of water falls on my head.

I look up at the ceiling and lo and behold, a big mess. Wasn’t the kids after all.
Turns out a gasket warped or something and the kitchen sink right above us was leaking. NOOOOO!

Nothing like water damage INSIDE your home to ruin one’s day.

So, I called USAA, and literally 10 minutes later their remediation specialist calls me to go over my issue. That was fast!

I get to talking to the guy and ask him how his company got on USAA’s preferred list. He tells me it’s a pain and every year they have to re-certify but he’ll gladly do it because USAA pays fast and doesn’t mess around with low quality providers.

Being on the USAA list is a big deal for contractors. Thus, when USAA calls, they move.

I like that. I know USAA is no longer the low cost provider for insurance. But I also know that when it comes time to get a claim fulfilled, USAA is going to take care of you.

I’ve heard this so many times from so many various people, it simply can’t denied. In fact, when I was doing seminars on behalf of USAA I always said I’d know the company was doomed if I DIDN’T get people wanting to share with me their stories of how USAA was there when they had claims.

I still hold to that. If USAA begins to drop it’s claim filing ability, it will then be just another insurance company, i.e., a commodity. When you’re using commodities you buy the cheapest.

But so long as USAA continues to provide superior service, I will continue to pay a premium.

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