Why You Need To Retire



The stress isn’t worth sacrificing your happy retirement. Why do you need to retire as early as you can? I don’t want you to regret your choice to work longer instead of spending time with your loved ones.


Working longer does not guarantee a successful retirement. When you know how and where your money goes, you can assure an earlier retirement without financial worries.


Recently, I worked with a well-educated and wonderful couple. The wife suffered from a sudden heart attack in her late 50s. For the grace of God, she survived. Thanks to modern technology, her husband managed to call 911 earlier and saved her life. She is as healthy as an ox. But you’ll never know when stress kills you. 


My man, Alberto from California, told me he’s seen many people die on their desks. Five to six people lost their lives right in their workplaces. That is why stress is never worth dealing with for the sake of work.


Can you imagine how saddened you would have been if you were unable to enjoy the life you built for your loved ones to enjoy? Can you imagine the pain and grief of losing a loved one?


We need to change what we do in the retirement planning industry. Having $8 million for a safe retirement is a hoax. 


You don’t need to have a lot of money to retire. You don’t need to spend the old days at work. The stress isn’t viable, especially since we are now witnessing the detrimental effects of social isolation among people –  worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


I have an old friend. She’s married and worked as a nurse. She told me about her distress working and wanted to retire. However, her belief was she couldn’t retire because she doesn’t have enough money to spend the rest of her life with her husband, who’s not in good shape.


So, we did some calculations and figured out the numbers. She retired happily and went traveling with her husband. She said he’s been waiting for her to retire until she was able to do that together. He also wanted to visit his family in Germany and see his hometown and family.


Her story is inspirational because she initially planned to work until she’s 65. At the time, she’s 59. By knowing the right numbers to work on, she realized the value of time, especially when her husband died from a heart attack shortly after their trips together. Nobody has foreseen it. But it is like that. He sat right there, and kaboom! Dead.


She told me she could have felt cheated, bitter, and angry if not because of my help. “I would have been bitter and angry if I kept working at a stressful job while my husband was waiting for me and died of a heart attack,” she exclaimed.


Nothing is worth more than hearing those words from her and my clients. I feel happy when I see them living the lives they deserve. 


When they say, “Josh, I can finally retire.” It gives me an awesome feeling and drive to continue helping more people to achieve a successful retirement.

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