Your Cable Box Uses 600 Watts? I Don’t Get It

A subscriber pointed me in the direction of another Youtube guy who was mentioning how he reduced his electric usage by 2/3s or something like that.

I wish I could remember his channel because I liked him and would recommend you watch him. But I don’t recall.

Anyway, turns out he did an audit of his house and it was his cable box that was the biggest culprit. His cable box was consuming 600 Watts! That’s almost 15kWh/day!!! Insane.

I did a video a few months back on my own cable box and didn’t come up with anything near that so I figured I’d run it again over a longer period.

This time, using my trustee Kill A Watt tool, I monitored for almost 3 weeks, 18 days to be exact.

What was my consumption? Less than 9kWh’, or about .47 per day!

That’s a big difference than 14.4 kWh/ per day.

Why was his using so much? I’ve no clue. But that amount of electricity is about the same as your fridge. What is more valuable, your fridge or your stupid box?

So, get yourself a KillAWatt and run your numbers. If your consumption is anywhere near 600 Watts, take a sledgehammer and destroy that thing! (Not really of course, just send it back to your cable company).

If you want to buy a Kill A Watt for yourself, here’s a link you can use that somehow will benefit me.

How much? I have no idea. But I’ll report back when I find out.


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