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Vanguard ETF Investment Allocation Models

Vanguard has a wonderful chart you should use when planning your own investments. You can slice and dice your portfolio anyway you want put remember fees and taxes are the biggest headwind you face. Keep your fees and taxes low and you will most likely outperform the vast majority of your peers. Not all the […]


Social Security Benefits Can Be Garnished to Pay Student Loans

Did you know that if you don’t pay your student loans on time, the EDUCATION DEPARTMENT can garnish your Social Security benefits? “n the 2015 fiscal year, according to the Government Accountability Office, the government garnished the Social Security benefits of almost 114,000 student loan borrowers over 50 years old, reducing their benefits, on average, […]

Gift Tax 2018 – Not a Big Deal!

I receive this question a couple times a month about the gift tax. It’s a variation of: “How much can I give to (person) without paying tax?” Or “If Gram gives me $20k do I have to pay tax on that?” The answer is almost always: NO! You will not pay tax on your gift, […]

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Medicare Planning 102

Real World Medicare Advice Wow!!! Just wow… I received the email below from a nurse friend/client regarding her knowledge of Medicare, Medicare Part C and Medicare Supplements.  She sent a second email too, which I’ll send under different cover because it’s so informative it also needs your undivided attention.  (She did give me permission to […]