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Strategic Money Planning:

8 Easy Ways To Put Your House In Order
Follow these steps and stop worrying so much – a financial guide for younger couples with children.

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The Tax Bomb In Your Retirement Accounts

How the Roth IRA Can Help You Avoid It


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Here’s what friends and clients say

“Beginning with prudent advice on debt and debt management and concluding with reasons for estate planning at an early age, Scandlen’s book provides simple yet applicable strategies for anyone to use confidently – and secure a more stable financial future. About as real and raw as it comes.”

Caryn Rodriguez Littleton, Colorado

“Strategic Money Planning gets right to the point: wouldn’t you rather live prosperously within your income and make steady progress to financial security? The book offers common-sense, achievable advice backed by Scandlen’s wealth of experience and know-how. Want to abandon emotional financial decisions and in favor of custom-made intelligent plans? Read this book.”

Nicole Sauce Living Free in Tennessee – Living Free in Tennessee

This is a must read if you have an IRA. Highly recommended! I spent years investing in a tax-deferred IRA, like so many others. Every year I got great deductions on my income taxes because of the IRA. Now, with approaching retirement, Uncle Sam is knocking at the door to pay him back. This is the TAX BOMB in my retirement. In the back of my mind, I knew it was coming. The IRS wants those tax deductions back, and more–>higher Medicare payments, taxes on Social security, surviving spouse taxes, and estate/legacy taxes. Josh’s book shows the ways to soften or eliminate the future tax bills for me, my wife, and our family. It won’t be pain-free though. There could be future costs (converting traditional IRA to Roth, in my case) or preparations and planning (Social Security planning, in my case). But they will drastically minimize the future tax $$$ pain

Mark J

GREAT EYE OPENER This book has opened my eyes about the consequences that deferring taxes can have. This book has made me change from putting my money into a traditional account and doing a Roth account instead

Warren Calloway

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