Japan Is The Future

Let’s look at some charts comparing Japan to the U.S. Maybe there is something we can extrapolate to figure out what might be in store for us, here in the Good Ole U.S.of A.  Let’s start with this from about Japan’s GDP growth rate over...


Prepare For Low Stock Returns, Here’s Why

Let’s cut right to the chase and start with how stock returns are generated.  John Bogle in his book Common Sense on Mutual Funds states: We can use the historical data to answer a simple question: Why have stocks provided long-term real returns of 7 percent?...


Bonds Look Good Now

See that? Now look at this: What do you see that jumps out at you?   Well, let me tell ya.  The 10 Year Treasury bond yield has dropped from 4.25 to 3.68 in a month’s time.  That’s a 13.4% DECLINE, again in a month’s time.     Now notice the Vanguard GNMA...


How I LOVE Thanksgiving

Maine, in the winter, is a scary place. It’s cold, dark and dreary…for months on end. Maybe that’s why I so love a flower and a butterfly. When they appear you know winter is behind you. No weatherman needed.   After the gray of the long winter, the...