The Golden Age of Retirement, Eh?

Once again, and I'm gonna hammer this until I die, the idea there is a RETIREMENT CRISIS today relative to the old days is based on one of two things. 1. Complete ignorance of the past and laziness2. a lie As for #1, academics who study this stuff, economists,...


The REALITY Of Pension Plans

Oh, for the good ole days when EVERYONE had a pension! "As on 1932, only 15% of American workers were potentially covered under pension plan and perhaps 5 percent of those who needed benefits were actually receiving payment. The corporate systems seldom provided...


There Has NEVER Been A Better Time To Retire

Don't Believe Me?  Watch This Video My man talks about a former colleague who died 5 years into retirement.  His wife had died BEFORE he retired so he never got to spend any retirement time with her.  Oh, and by the way, he had not one, but TWO...


The Widow’s Penalty: Why Tax Planning Matters

Guest Post: Amar Shah - (Sign up for Amar's monthly newsletter here.) As if adjusting to the loss of your spouse isn’t difficult enough, the surviving widow or widower is often left facing an unexpected financial burden. Due to various tax laws,...


Retirees Going Bankrupt!

I hope you saw this video I posted this morning.  The title is "This Proves Retirees Are Going Bankrupt". When you watch it you'll see that there is absolutely no evidence at all that retirees are going bankrupt.  So why do I use a misleading...


Government Spending Does NOT Cause Inflation

Have I Lost My Mind? Everyone knows that government spending causes inflation, right? Printing press goes whirrr and stuff.  As a reformed Friedmanite, I'd like to challenge your thinking on this. What evidence do you have to prove this is true? What evidence...