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Retire in Calhoun, GA!

(Nice lady sent this to me. She is NOT the Marketing Director for the local Chamber of Commerce! 🙂 Here is the drive-through video I did about Calhoun too.) Great place to live. Very conservative and voting is easy to do here…..and I’ve never waited in line more...

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Why Am I Still Working?

I plan on retiring next December so this past weekend I sat down to look over my numbers. I was shocked at what I found out.         I currently bring home $890/wk after all deductions and taxes which is $46280/yr. Once I retire, I am thinking I’ll need about...

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Health Insurance Before Medicare

“My wife is so stressed at her job but she can’t quit because of health insurance.” Oh man, if I had a nickel every time I was told something like this, I’d have a million nickels! 🙂 Look, as much as I didn’t like Obama as President, and certainly don’t like Nancy...


Big Health Insurance Subsidies are Over

By Richard Kay, New Jersey Insurance brokerIs the deep subsidy over for healthcare in 2022? It looks like it.  In 2021 besides the regular subsidy everyone was getting on a sliding scale based on income there was also deeper subsidy if you collected...

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I Get Paid For This???

Be Like Jimmy! One of the benefits of my line of work is that I see, with my own very eyes, what works and what doesn't when it comes to retirement planning.  I've been doing this since 1998 and I've worked with THOUSANDS of people over the course of my career. It...