"I know that there is nothing better for men than to rejoice and do good while they live" - Ecclesiastes 3:12

Josh Scandlen

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner and holds a Master’s of Science degree in
Personal Financial Planning.

You weren’t put on this world to sit in an hour of traffic in order to slave away at a cubicle for 8 hours only to sit in another hour of traffic to get home to your family!

You’ve got bigger things to accomplish!

To use your talents in a way that gets you fired up, motivated and ready to take on the world. 

Oh, I can hear you now.  “Easy for you to say, Josh.  But I’ve got a mortgage.  I’ve got this to pay for. I’ve got that…” 

Interesting.  But how do you know it still can’t be done? Because some online tool? Because some ‘advisor’, who gets paid by managing YOUR money, says you need 8 times salary to retire? Because health care costs could bankrupt you?

Where is the evidence that these things are true??? 

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a different viewpoint, from someone who doesn’t get paid to sell you stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, TODAY is the day to plan on living the life you were meant to. 

Blessings to you!

Josh Scandlen

Latest News & Updates

  • SAFE WITHDRAWAL RATES – (Make It Stop!!!)

    One of my (many) pet peeves is...


    SAFE WITHDRAWAL RATES!!!  Oh my how this drives me up the wall.

    Working with a nice lady today and she is very, very hesitant to quit her COJ (Crappy Old Job for newbies).  After seeing her with minimal debt, with well over 7 figures in assets and
  • Sneak Preview of My Book “Retire On The Wellington Fund”

    It's Been A While Hasn't It?
    (As always please unsubscribe below if you no longer want to receive emails from me.)Well, I've been busy as a Bee in a Bonnet!  My financial planning business didn't fall off hardly at all, first and foremost.  Which, frankly, was/is shocking to me.  (Makes me
  • Should Lanny & Maggie Pay $233,000 For Investment Advice?

    Worth $233,000?
    Look at this image:

    What jumps out at you there?

    Hopefully, you can see the two numbers in the blue box. The one on the left is $1,070,000. The one on the right is $837,000.

    In  running a financial plan for a couple, Lanny and Maggie, I am showing them the TRUE
  • Born in 1960 or Later – Your Social Security is At Risk

    I Wish This Were Clickbait...
    But it's not.

    The economic damage done by the over-reaction to Covid-1984 has impacted millions. And unfortunately, for many, the pain will be felt for years to come, via a potentially HUGE reduction in Social Security benefits.

    This pains me to write this. As
  • Retirement Planning & Investing During Deflationary Times

    Never Been Here Before...
    I attended a webinar yesterday where Stephanie Kelton was being interviewed. Kelton is/was a Bernie advisor and a HUGE proponent of the Modern Monetary Theory of economics. She will have a new book coming out which you can pre-order here.

    Now, I'm unequivocally

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