Peace-of-Mind Financial Plan

All Things Retirement and Tax Planning

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The planning I do answers two most CRITICAL questions:

1. Can you retire?

We’ll dive DEEP in order to answer this question.

If there are issues that prevent you from retiring, we’ll devise a plan on what you need to so you can retire.

Once we confirm your ability to retire, we move on to:

2. How can we reduce the tax burden?

If those two questions are important to you and you want to pursue financial planning with me, here’s what we’ll cover:
‌ Where and when can we maximize Roth Conversions

‌ Deep dive into various retirement planning scenarios

‌ Make sure you don’t run out of money in retirement

‌ Analysis of past, and future, tax returns for opportunities to REDUCE taxes

‌ Are  your investments in the CORRECT LOCATION to REDUCE TAXES while you’re alive?

‌  Leave more to your heirs and favored charities and less to the IRS

‌ Are you paying for insurance you don’t need?

‌ Do you have the PROPER Estate Planning documents, beneficiary designations, asset titling or are you going to leave your heirs a taxable nightmare?

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"Can I Retire" Course

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