"I know that there is nothing better for men than to rejoice and do good while they live" - Ecclesiastes 3:12

Josh Scandlen

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Practitioner and holds a Master’s of Science degree in
Personal Financial Planning.

You weren’t put on this world to sit in an hour of traffic in order to slave away at a cubicle for 8 hours only to sit in another hour of traffic to get home to your family!

You’ve got bigger things to accomplish!

To use your talents in a way that gets you fired up, motivated and ready to take on the world. 

Oh, I can hear you now.  “Easy for you to say, Josh.  But I’ve got a mortgage.  I’ve got this to pay for. I’ve got that…” 

Interesting.  But how do you know it still can’t be done? Because some online tool? Because some ‘advisor’, who gets paid by managing YOUR money, says you need 8 times salary to retire? Because health care costs could bankrupt you?

Where is the evidence that these things are true??? 

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a different viewpoint, from someone who doesn’t get paid to sell you stuff.  Maybe, just maybe, TODAY is the day to plan on living the life you were meant to. 

Blessings to you!

Josh Scandlen

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    It Pains Me To Write This But...
    The Mainstream Media still has enormous power and, as such, many people's financial lives are about to be turned upside down.

    Disagree and even unsubscribe if you must but this Coronavirus fear is nuts.  As of RIGHT NOW, in the US, there are 3244 confirmed
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    What if they continually called for a Retirement Crisis but none emerged?
    The perpetual claims of doomsdayers of a "Retirement Crisis" remind me almost verbatim of the climate alarmists.  "We're all gonna die...unless we do this, that and the other."

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    The Bear FINALLY Roared!
    For years now, we've been hearing the market was too pricey, the Shiller CAPE ratio proves that. Or the debt was out of control. Or we've never had this long of a bull, etc. etc.  And yet the markets kept marching along, on the basis of continued corporate earnings
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    Republicans have an issue ready-made for them that will secure their legacies for a generation: Social Security (and Medicare for good measure). But until Trump came along no Republican had the political sense to actually see this issue for what it is, a huge potential to expand their voting
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    You’d like to get some income off your portfolio, be it in retirement or otherwise.  You are also a fan of Vanguard. So, you’re sitting around looking at two funds that seem appealing, the Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund (VTINX) and the Vanguard Wellesley Fund (VWINX). 

    Both have

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