Retire in Calhoun, GA!

Jan 25, 2022 | Best Small Towns

(Nice lady sent this to me. She is NOT the Marketing Director for the local Chamber of Commerce! 🙂

Here is the drive-through video I did about Calhoun too.)

Great place to live.

Very conservative and voting is easy to do here…..and I’ve never waited in line more than 5 minutes .  
Tons  of good Churches to attend and we have a Great Sheriff ( Mitch Ralston)And a super Police dept right down town and they throw up their hand to ya….no speed traps….

It’s a safe place to live and when you are at church….. you can bank on at least a half a dozen of our good Ole boys are wearing a gun, just in case someone thinks they are going to hold our Churches hostage.  LOL   Local gun shop for target practice and learning gun safety!

There is a area downtown that is called Snob-hill that is lovely older homes that have been lovingly restored and the yards are kept looking really good.  

If you are looking for in town living…
There are quite a few Subdivisions, that are nice, quiet and close to everything.. there is a great area close to our (Hospital Advent ) that is more retired Folk and the neighborhoods are called Devonwood,  Saddlebrook, Parks Place,  these are older more established neighborhoods.  Lovely and still priced very competitively…….And….speaking of our hospital,  the people are Christians and the doctors will say a prayer right there with you, before procedures…which is comforting and rare…

If you Golf there is Fields Ferry public course which is lovely and is a great neighborhood to live in as well….Beautiful views.  
Like to fish?  Carters lake is 15 minutes or so outside  of town….
 Want to walk for exercise? Our recreation dept is available and safe….even for Ladies to walk there alone.  Or our Hospital has a walking track. Firehouse gym is great for classes and working out with personal trainers….

If I were going to sum up Calhoun for you… I’d say,  it’s so much quieter than Cartersville, Safer too…( my opinion)  More bang for your Buck in affordable housing here than Dalton,Prettier than Rome,  easier to get to than Cedartown.

We have downtown festivals each year, that are well attended,  i.e,  Christmas Parade,  Tree lighting in front of Courthouse… Boogie and Blues in Summer with the streets closed off for Performers and concerts,  “Trick or treating” downtown for the little ones and great participation.

I travel for business quiet a bit… 38 minute travel time to the Chatt airport…which is super easy to park and fly out of…..But for those Trips that you need to fly out of Atl,  Groome Transportation picks up at our local Waffle House and can have you to the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport in 1 hour and 15 minutes… quick and easy.  So, no one has to drive you to Atlanta….

Easy access to I-75…..Quiet, Safe, Traffic is never a problem,  Friendly,  nice , down to earth folks, that mind their own business, but will cut a tree that falls across the road, or help you catch your dog if he wonders offIssues of any kind?   jump on Facebook,  our local paper ( THE CALHOUN TIMES ) post on there constantly with updates. (Weather, or a local accident, School closings etc)

Shopping?  Tanger Outlets, small Main Street boutiques, or pop up to Chattanooga or Kennesaw both are 35 minutes away.

Calhoun high, is a Charter School, and has a great football team and lots of folks go watch them play.  But, we also have some great County Schools that you can still send your kids to without fear. 
It’s not trendy, it’s not uptight or fancy,  it’s a lot of Country folk that work hard and believe in God, Vote, are disgusted with where our Country is headed, will speak their minds, and back up their neighbor if he or she needs help….

So all in all Josh,  Calhoun is the unsung hero in North Georgia that kinda flies below the radar and that’s just the way we all like it.     But, nice conservative Folks are always welcome and will make friends fast.  So, come up anytime and check us out.

Sorry for the long boring book about Calhoun,  but, I figure you must be in the “find us a nice quiet small town to retire in mode”,  and you can’t beat Calhoun and Gordon County…..