The Best Financial Planning Spreadsheets…Ever!

Apr 5, 2021 | Blog Post, Investing, Retirement Planning

At Least 10 Times a Week…

…I receive emails asking to provide access to my crappy, Social Security spreadsheets.   The emails are so many I don’t even respond anymore, which I feel guilty about.

I also receive many other people’s spreadsheets for me to “review.”  I did that a bunch when I first started out, looking for a substitute to what I created.  But many of the spreadsheets escaped me from a logical perspective. So, I stopped opening those up too and simply deleted them.

However, by happenstance, I opened up this one guy’s spreadsheets and was blown away.  I’ve been using these for the last 6 months now, exclusively, other than my own of course.

I’ve been telling him he needs to offer these to the general public as there is a HUGE demand for quality, easy-to-understand spreadsheets AND that he should charge a fair price too.

I’ve been egging him on this saying he needs to fill the demand. But he was somewhat hesitant.

Spreadsheet design is a labor of love and some people simply won’t feel the love you’ve put into it.  In this case, though, this guy’s spreadsheets are so easy, you can’t help but be impressed.

So, if you are interested in spreadsheets for taxation, Social Security, bucket strategy, etc. go to this link. Dan is charging, as of now, only $35 for access to his stuff.  I’ve no idea how long that price will last.

And I’ve also no idea if you’ll find value out of his spreadsheets. I have, indeed.

I am in no way affiliated with Dan and get no “commission” or referral fee or anything of the sort.   He is actually doing a service for me as now I can refer people who are interested in my infantile spreadsheets to his stuff.

Hope you find them helpful.