Why Would You Trust the Media With Your Retirement Plan?

Sep 13, 2023 | Uncategorized

The Media Lies. 

Hopefully this is not revolutionary information for you. From Walter Duranty to the Russian Dossier the media has proven itself time and again to be purveyors of false information.  You think Walter Cronkite was better? Come on, now. Tet Offensive, need I say more? 

So yesterday as I was concluding my tour of Southern Georgia, searching for a potential retirement location, I was listening to this documentary from the fantastic Youtube Channel “The Maine Reset.”

Women reporters from the Boston Globe batted their eye lashes, smiled wide and used their charms to get unsuspecting Maine lobstermen to open up about the issues they were facing in their ongoing battle to maintain their way of life.

These reporters were embedded for three months on the island of Vinalhaven in order to research the story. The Mainers literally took them into their homes, treated them as family thinking the journalists would tell the truth about their stories. 

How wrong they were.

Trust me, my friends, I’m from Maine and getting any Mainer to open up to you is not an easy task. Here, we’re not just talking about any Mainer though, we’re talking islanders, people who make their living fishing for lobsters in solitude on the water. Definitely not a bunch of chatterboxes, these folks. 

It would take some serious magical powers to get these people to open up to you. Yet these reporters, from Boston too!, were able to do just that. It’s an amazing feat. Such an accomplishment they should have been awarded a Pulitzer prize for that alone. 

But they lied. The article, for which the reporters won environmental awards, was as fake as the Eddington eclipse “proving” Einstein. They don’t care though. They went scurrying back to the elitist caves which they’re from to wallow in the praise of their fellow miscreants.

So what if innocent people were hurt, if relationships were harmed and bitter feelings were left in their wake. They. Don’t. Care. Does their work serve the agenda? That’s all that matters. And you know they were successful because they received awards. 

This is literally what Rush Limbaugh used to call the “drive-by media.” They come in, use rhetorical bullets to spray an entire neighborhood and then drive away unharmed leaving chaos behind. These are evil people my friends. 

How the Mainers couldn’t see this from the get-go is beyond me. But this is typical of good, old fashioned American people.  We don’t lie and as such we can’t possibly fathom that other people would be so devious. 

I remember in 1994 when the GOP took over Congress for the first time in 40 years. Rush Limbaugh told the incoming GOP freshman to be wary of Cokie Roberts batting her eyelashes in looking for an interview.  He said it then and I’ll say it now, the media is NOT your friend. 

So what does this have to do with your retirement? Think about it. If the media can lie about these innocent islanders from Maine, about the Russian Dossier, about the Tet Offensive, among a million other lies they’ve told(remember Duke Lacrosse?) why would they ever tell the truth about your retirement? 

Do you actually think the financial media is above the fray? If so, let me guess, you probably think the sports media is not biased too, amirite?  

If it’s the media, they lie.  You’ve got to get this through your head. They don’t tell the truth. Yes, every now and again, they’ll report things you want to hear and you’ll excitedly say “they finally get it!” That’s a trap, amigos. It’s to keep you engaged in thinking they are changing. 

Folks, evil doesn’t change.  Evil has one mission and one mission only, to separate you from your walk with the Creator of all things, the Good, True and Beautiful of eternity.

Evil will lie, cheat and steal, do whatever it can to separate you from the Lord. I always have this image of a poor chap who fell for Satan’s lies arriving in hell.  The poor chap who’s being tormented for the first time, says to Satan, “Hey Satan, where are the things you promised me? My glory? My kingdom for which I’d rule? My revenge on the people who did me wrong? This isn’t what you promised!”

And Satan laughs and says “I lied.” 

The poor chap will have an eternity to anguish on how he was so stupid to fall for Satan’s lies. Talk about torment! 

Back in this temporal plane, this is what the media is. They promise THIS TIME they’ll be fair. This time they’ll tell you like it is. This time you’ll get the truth. And if you fall for that, well, meet my friend George Strait with his ocean front property in Arizona. He’ll give you a good deal. 

Oh, and I’m not going to give the supposed “right-wing” media a pass either. I get emails on occasion from folks who say they read this, that or the other from “conservative” sources saying a pending collapse is coming because of (Insert reason here).

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The problem with right-wing media is they follow the lead of the mainstream media which gives the narrative even more traction. A story the mainstream media wants in the Ether will now be enhanced by the fact the supposed “right-wing” media is talking about it to begin with.  

Remember Todd Akin? Roy Moore? Just two examples that come to mind. Republicans, and the “right”, allowed these stories to gain traction which then caused both candidates to lose in their Senate bids. Losing those seats cost the US dearly. Why? Because in 2016-2018 Republicans had very narrow majorities in the Senate which allowed people like John McCain to dictate business. McCain’s thumbs down on the Obamacare repeal solidified that boondoggle for eternity. 

Weird how the Ohio train derailment is no longer a story isn’t it? Now, why would that be? It’s the “drive-by media”.  Now the media is hot-to-trot about this Michigan State football coach. He’s being railroaded of course. Unlike the Ohio train story, this one will remain front and center until he resigns, for the sole reason it advances the narrative of the media. Yeah, he’ll come back in a couple years as an assistant coach somewhere and then he’ll get another shot at a head coach gig but only after he grovels for forgiveness and says he’ll “do better.” No different than Winston Smith at the end of 1984:

“But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

The point being is if it’s from the media, assume it’s a lie.  Don’t trust these people with anything. And certainly don’t rely on media reporting to dictate if you can retire or not. That is pure craziness, which, truth be told, is kind of where the media wants us all, in a crazy world.