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Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds

You probably know by now, I’m a big fan of Vanguard, well, Jack Bogle in particularly. Bogle completely changed the investment industry and for the better. He has saved literally billions of dollars for average investors. I simply can not stress his importance for average investors enough. Bogle should win the Nobel Prize in some […]


Can I Retire?

Can I retire? I get that question… A LOT! And the answer more often than not is YES YOU CAN! Unfortunately we’ve been trained to believe we need millions, MILLIONS I tell you!, in order to retire. I don’t get it. Well, actually I do get it. Is it possible the folks saying we need […]


The PERFECT Retirement Plan

With a Roth you determine when you want to pay the taxes for what you put into the account. This is a benefit of the Roth that way too often gets overlooked. Remember, anything contributed to a Roth is with after-tax money. If you choose the Roth, you pay tax now. If you choose the […]


Tax Free Wealth for a “Non-Working” Spouse

Let’s say you are the breadwinner and your spouse is a stay home mom or dad. Due to all the contributions to your retirement plan at work your side of the balance sheet is growing significantly more than your spouse’s. You are concerned about “equalization of estates”. (Equalization of estates is an old estate planning […]


Investment Fees vs. Commissions

Are fees the panacea for investment management clients? Are commissions EVILLLL??? In this episode I show you how fees may not be the best bet for you when you’re looking to hire an investment advisor. We compare the American Funds Income Fund of America A shares with two indexes, the SP 500 and the Russell […]


Episode #70 – Medicare Planning in Arkansas

Jae Oh, CFP is back to discuss Medicare planning in Arkansas. Arkansas is not as competitive as some of the larger states, like Arizona, but there are still a number of plans, Part C and Supplemental policies for you to choose from. As always, go to Jae’s website at www.maximizeyourmedicare.com for Jae’s book and sign […]


Episode # 69 – Medicare Planning in Arizona

Medicare Part C and Medicare Supplement policies are very competitive in the great state of Arizona. Of course, with more choices there are also more considerations consumers need to think about. This episode is a good place to start. As always, go to Jae’s website at www.maximizeyourmedicare.com for Jae’s book and sign up for his […]