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Medicare Planning 101

Do You Know Much About Medicare? Unfortunately, I don’t either. That’s one area of financial planning I have been grossly deficient. Which is odd actually given health insurance is actually a FINANCIAL decision. I knew I needed to up my game and over the past month have been eating up as much information on Medicare […]

Social Security For Widows And Divorcees

“You explain this better than anyone on this planet.” “Thank you , thank you! This was a subject I needed to know more about. Im a divorced “survior” and your links have been very helpful! Thank you!” “Oh my gosh you’re amazing! Thank you so much for your time you are so thorough and so […]

Buy Term Fallacies

Maybe it’s just me but… People who exaggerate drive me up the wall.  Especially when there is NO need to do so to validate one’s point! So, I am preparing to do a live video on the basics of whole life insurance.  You can watch the YouTube video here.  Or the Facebook video here.  (By the way, I […]

How Barney Frank Saved The Day

I’m in a ‘debate’ of sorts with some fellow financial planners about using an ‘arbitrary’ date to analyze mutual funds. The dates I choose are 1/1/2000 to 3/9/2009 to demonstrate downside markets.  3/10/2009 to today to demonstrate upside.   You literally can not get a better picture of downside risk protection and/or upside capture than these […]

The Most Important Advice I Can Give

As I celebrate my 48th anniversary of being on this earth today, I wanted to share with you the most important piece of advice I’ve learned over that time. In fact, this advice is so critical that once I share it with you, you may want to unsubscribe from this email list because everything else […]

Interest Rates, i.e. Yields, Are Based Mostly on Demand

In my morning readings, I came across this post from Bloomberg about Chinese bond issuers facing troubles.  The headline reads: China Set for Record Defaults, and Downgrades Tip More Pain Key takeaway: “rising yields are set to make the refinancing of maturing debt all the tougher for private companies that lack the access to the state-dominated banking […]

Vindication is so, so sweet!

This research paper from Vanguard came to me in my inbox yesterday. It is the typical discussion about health costs in retirement. Something you should certainly read, but not anything I want to go into in this email because the paper says something wayyyyyy more important, which should NOT be overlooked. “Although health care costs increase, spending in virtually […]