John is 61, Single, No Kids – Can He Retire?

So I get this email from John: I’ve been in my COJ nearly 20 years and I desperately want to take my pension and find part time work close to home and later in the day so I can sleep bc I have sleep disorder. my pension will only be about $1200 a month. If I take...


Paul Samuelson – A Joke of an Economist

So I’m reading an interesting article written in 1975 titled “Securites as a Hedge against Inflation: 1910-1969"  by a business professor at the University fo Iowa named Robert M. Soldofsky. I can’t link to the article because it’s behind a paywall. More to...


The Medical Bankruptcy Fraud

For the last 15 years we've been lead to believe that Medical Bankruptcies were so common you were only ONE SNEEZE away from declaring it yourself! Sadly, like a lot of "studies" today, it was all a fraud. (See the Eisenhower farewell address as to the reasons why...


Incoming! Capital Gain Taxes En Route!

My man Todd sent me the latest update from Vanguard for their “Preliminary estimated year-end distributions”.    There were some big surprises I must say.   What we see is a number of funds distributing well over 5% of their Net Asset Value...


Markets Are Down! You sure about that?

I posted this video yesterday where I was pondering the idea of just selling everything, paying taxes and reducing my debt. I won’t go into it here as to my thinking as I did that in the video, but suffice it to say I received many comments and emails questioning...


Bear Market Got You Down?

By: Denise P. Let's face it, some people are more comfortable emotionally than others when it comes to the market fluctuating like the wave motion in a category 5 hurricane. Yes, everyone knows intellectually that markets go up and down, it is the nature of the...