My Experience With Medicare Advantage

Oct 27, 2021 | Blog Post, health care, Medicare


A viewer sent me this email in regards to his own experience with Medicare Advantage plans. I am not endorsing these plans or not endorsing. I’m completely agnostic. However, for those of you who were thinking MA plans are junk, this guy seems to say otherwise. Just something to consider. 


At age 72, I have been on Medicare Advantage since turning 65. Also married so my wife is and has been on the same policy as me. I have had Aetna PPO for the past 2 years, prior to that for 5 years I had United healthcare PPO.

I live in Maryland and South Carolina owning homes in both states. Since I travel between the states, it was important to me to have portable health insurance. I have used health facilities in both states, my internist for myself and wife are in Maryland, using an Orthopedic specialist in S.C. I did not need to get any referrals. Doctors just used info from my health cards, paid copay. Had an MRI in S.C. 

Aetna PPO is issued through my Maryland address. I do not have dental insurance though. 

Many commercials state that you can get dental along with other benefits but this is predicated on the zip code you live in.  Certain zip codes make it possible to receive additional benefits, not sure why this is.

My Aetna PPO and previous United healthcare PPO were the same for me. I can use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare with no referrals.