• Will I Have To Work Until I’m 70?

    Nothing wrong with saying "I don't know"...
    Just got off the phone with a nice couple.  The 2008 recession set them back something wicked and they haven't fully recovered. In fact, they're only
  • The Essential Retirement Guide Book

    Get This Book NOW!!!

    I can not stress enough how valuable this book is for your retirement planning comfort.  It's like the author, Frederick Vettese, is my long-lost Canadian brother.

  • England Votes Today

    England Leads, The U.S. Follows?
    England Votes today in one of the most important elections in my lifetime for us here in the Good Ole U.S. of A.

    The ability of the citizenry to determine its
  • Retirement Planning Course Offer

    My New Course HALF-OFF Through December!

    It's A Great Privilege For Me To Announce...My FIRST-ever online course is now available!

    And man, oh man, is it nerve-wracking to actually introduce to
  • Use Your HSA to Fund Long Term Care!

    My friend Rob posted this on my Youtube channel regarding a video I did about Long Term Care.  He gave me permission to repost for your reading pleasure:

    "My LTC plan is FAR simpler than what

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